Misting on the Outside of Roof Windows

As insulation properties of glazing have improved and will continue to do so a common concern has arisen – misting of the glass on the outside of your roof window for short periods of time. This is not caused by any defect of the window but a result of the increased insulation properties of modern glazing.

Dew starts forming when the temperature of the exterior glass reaches the dew-point temperature of the outside air. This is most common early morning and at night.

If you’re ...

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Everything you need to know about Glazing

Did you know?

The glazing in the easiest way to increase the performance of your roof window. With this guide, you can discover exactly which glazing does what and which one would suit your exact requirements.

Choose from Standard Double Glazing (70 pane) for maximum safety and energy savings. Noise Reduction Glazing (60 pane) for rain noise reduction and solar protection. Triple Glazing (66 pane) for increased energy-efficiency with an anti-dew and easy-to-clean coating. Tripl...

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Which glazing is right for you?

Glazing 70
Laminated safety glazing ensures maximum safety in case of accidental breakage, preventing glass from falling into the room. This glazing allows for energy efficiency as it keeps in heat from the sun and indoor safety is increased with the laminated inner pane and toughened 4mm outer pane.


Solar Heat Gain


Ug Insulating glass

1.1 W/m2K


1.3 W/m2K 


Sound insulation

35 dB1

Glazing 70

Glazing 60
With a laminated inner pane with sound insulation foils, th...

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