RoofLITE vs VELUX - what is the difference?

We often get asked what the difference between a RoofLITE brand Roof Window and a VELUX brand Roof Window is. RoofLITE is made by a sister company to VELUX called Altaterra and are a cheaper alternative to VELUX windows. While both windows are of a high quality and are sure to flood the light into your home, we have made an easy to follow table detailing the main differences between VELUX and RoofLITE.

To makes things even we compared the VELUX Centre-Pivot MK04 (78cm x 98cm) ...

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At YARD Direct we want to ensure that choosing your replacement windows is easy and hassle-free. With our brand-new configurator found easily on our home page, we make buying and fitting your new windows simple.

Using the Configurator is straightforward and takes away the daunting task of knowing everything you need when replacing your roof window. It asks you all the right questions to ensure your new windows are just what you are looking for. Once you have answered the quest...

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Grab yourself a deal with the VELUX Bundles!

Buy all you need for the perfect project in one easy purchase. Meet your needs with bundles for your ideal Bedroom, Kitchen and Living & Dining areas while also saving up to 7% compared to buying them separately!

With every bundle you get the most suitable window for that particular room as well as a flashing kit, insulation collar, underfelt collar & blind.

VELUX Bedroom Bundle


With the VELUX bedroom bundle you have the choice of a top-hung window or a manual centre-pivot windo...

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Misting on the Outside of Roof Windows

As insulation properties of glazing have improved and will continue to do so a common concern has arisen – misting of the glass on the outside of your roof window for short periods of time. This is not caused by any defect of the window but a result of the increased insulation properties of modern glazing.

Dew starts forming when the temperature of the exterior glass reaches the dew-point temperature of the outside air. This is most common early morning and at night.

If you’re ...

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All you need to know about a VELUX Profile Set

The VELUX ZWC Window Profile Set is for use with on-site flashing and is to be used with the installation of a VELUX window on a non-standard roofing material like felt, zinc, lead etc.

 A special head flashing (see below) will be supplied which hooks over the top hood section and overlaps the roofing material. The special head flashing is made from aluminium (matching colour to the profile of window) and will work with the side and bottom frame covers which are supplied with ...

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