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  • High impact resistance : up to 200 times greater than glass 
  • Excellent protection : against hailstones, vandalism and accidental damage
  • Fine optical clarity : clear material has light transmission levels in excess of 68% throughout the life of the material
  • Tinted options : offer solar control to reduce heat build-up
  • Up to "Class 1" fire rating : polycarbonate is a self-extinguishing material which will melt away from the flames, stopping as soon as the source is removed. Note: 6mm Twinwall does not have a Class 1 fire rating
  • High strength : weight ratio
  • Cost effective : as sheet weight is low, support structures can be lighter providing cost effective buildings
  • Corotherm provides high levels of insulation
  • Minimum available width and height is 100mm
£0.12 (inc. VAT) £0.10 (ex. VAT)

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Further Detail

  • These products are cut to your individual requirements; therefore they are bespoke and non-returnable.
  • Both the sheet(s) ends will be pre-taped with aluminium and anti-dust tapes.
  • We cannot guarantee where the blade lands when cutting sheets, so it is not possible to ensure hard edges on all panels.
  • There is a tolerance of +/- 3mm when cutting.