VELUX Flat Roof

VELUX Pleated Blinds or flat roof blinds bring stylish and luxurious lighting options to your solar (FSK) or electrically powered (FMG) skylight. Available in two colours for the Solar option and three colours for the Electric option, the pleated blinds are made of translucent cloth that slides and stops at any point in the window frame which means you can adjust the impact and angle of light depending on the sun's position and strength.

The frame for the blind - made from anodised aluminium - prevents light escaping around the edges and both Solar and Electric options are operated by the VELUX control pad that comes with your window. With a range of pre-set programs that you can use to open and close the blind at given times of day, you can also control the blind from anywhere in the room. If needed the blind can also be operated manually using the control bar at the bottom of the blind.

As ever, the comforting 3-year guarantee applies to VELUX flat roof blinds. Give the YARD team a call if you have any questions on 01786 357252.