Let the daylight pour into your room with the beautifully designed Whitesales flat roof windows and lanterns. Designed to maximise the amount of natural light in to a building, Whitesales flat roof windows provide a sleek, minimalistic finish both inside and out.

With a large range of products available in the Whitesales range, there is sure to be something that will give your home the perfect finishing touch. The Whitesales Em-View glass rooflight incorporates a roof dome and double-glazed glass unit and provides exceptional sound insulation and thermal value. With the Whitesales Em-Dome rooflight, you can get up to three times more daylight through a flat roof than a similar sized window.

The sleek Em-Glaze range are high-quality and aesthetically pleasing flat glass rooflights which maximise the natural light entering your home whilst maintaining a modern finish inside and out. While the Whitesales Raylux Flat Glass Rooflight is a high-quality PVC framed rooflight which can be fixed, manual or electrically operated.

Or why not opt in for something completely different and give your home that wow factor with the Whitesales Em-Glaze Ridgelight Lantern. They are beautifully designed with slimline aluminium framework which delivers outstanding light performance.