Price From: £160.82 (inc. VAT) £134.02 (ex. VAT)

The RoofLITE DURO roof window is maintenance free and adds a modern touch to any room. RoofLITE DURO roof windows are made of white PVC. This makes the window frames not only maintenance free and modern looking, but also ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. They are made in a certified product facility that has more than 75 years of industry experience and which uses the latest technology to ensure high quality. That is why there is 10 years guarantee on this window!
Deals for slightly damaged windows: 1 x M6A less £50. Please call us to enquire about this deal.

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Price From: £160.82 (inc. VAT) £134.02 (ex. VAT)

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Further Detail

The RoofLITE DURO Roof window has a frame made of steel-reinforced PVC for increased durability.

The window has a Uw-Value of 1,4 W/m2K (which is better than the HIVE and NITO series) and a better degree of water tightness (than the HIVE and NITO series). The panes have 24-mm double glazing (argon filled), a low E coating and a toughened outer pane. This guarantees reduced heat loss in the winter and less overheating in the summer.

The white PVC finish gives a modern look to the inside of the room, which makes the room look brighter. In addition to which it also allows up to 10% more daylight in than other branded windows. The moulded zinc handle allows the window to be locked in three positions. Two for passive ventilation and one to close the window.

RoofLITE windows are very easy to install. For DIY customers every box includes an easy-to-follow, step by step installation guide. Professional installers are familiar with the installation method of RoofLITE roof windows.

Features & benefits:

  • Guarantees resistance and durability against humidity.
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Low maintenance, the white PVC is easy to clean.
  • The white finish makes any room look brighter and gives a modern look.
  • Better Uw-value and water tightness. *
  • 24 mm double glazing.
  • Allows up to 10% more daylight (than some other branded windows).

 * compared to the HIVE and NITO series