Roto Centre Pivot Roof Window R45 PVC Electric Remote| 74cm (w) x 118cm (h)


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R45_ 074/118 K2EF_
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The Roto Designo R4 RotoTronic Electric Centre Pivot Roof Window is sleek and beautiful in its design. Made from intelligent technology, this window is ideal for those who want the luxury of electrically operated windows and so are perfect to bring in light and fresh air from those high ceilings and inaccessible spaces. With an interior finish in White Painted Timber or PVC, this window will suit all homes, functionality, and style, both inside and out. With the highest level of convenience users can relax as the electronic radio-controlled window opens with a click of a button from the remote or operation switch, which you order separately. Build with smart technology the window will close when it detects rain. The user can benefit from its energy saving capabilities through its vapour barrier and pre-fitted insulation collar, which allows for a high thermal insulation and better air permeability. The double glazing further helps prevent heat escaping. Finally, the Roto Designo R4 RotoTronic Electric Centre Pivot Roof Window is quick and easy to fit and comes fully assembled.

15 years