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Price From: £357.41 (inc. VAT) £297.84 (ex. VAT)

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The VELUX Window Bundles are perfect for a range of different rooms: kitchen, bedroom, living room & dining areas.

  • Each bundle includes the most suitable window for that room.
  • The bundles also include a flashing kit, insulation collar, underfelt collar and blind.
  • You can SAVE UP TO 7% by purchasing a bundle compared to buying the products separately.
  • 10-year VELUX guarantee on the windows and 3-year VELUX guarantee on blinds and electrics if applicable. 

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Price From: £357.41 (inc. VAT) £297.84 (ex. VAT)

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With the bedroom window bundles you have the choice of a top hung window or manual centre pivot window. The centre pivot window is the best option if the window is going to be above head height. The top hung window is better if you will be able to look out of it, going for top hung in this case would enable you to have an unobstructed view. The top hung windows can also be put into the centre pivot position for easy cleaning.Both of these come in white painted pine with noise reduction comfort glazing to allow an uninterrupted sleep. To finish off the bundle you have a choice of blackout or duo blackout blinds which will also ensure a great sleep by not allowing any light to creep in.

The kitchen bundles come in two option manual centre pivot or electric centre pivot. The VELUX Electric Integra® windows include a touchpad to operate the window, you can also program it to open and shut at certain times. If that wasn't enough it has a rain sensor as well. Both the manual and electric windows come in a white polyurethane finish as they are maintenance free and moisture resistant which makes them perfect for kitchens which see their fair-share of steam, humidity and moisture. They also feature the 70 pane glazing which is double glazed and includes a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane for safety.

The living and dining room bundles come in centre pivot manual or electric operation and offers the 70 pane glazing like the kitchen bundles. The only difference being the living/dining room bundles come in white painted pine as you wouldn't get the same moisture levels as you would in a kitchen to require the polyrethane finish. The white painted pine looks very similar to the white polyurethane from afar but when you get closer you can see the natural woodgrain. It's a lovely finish that will give your living area a fresh, bright, new look. 

All three options include either a slates upto 8mm thick flashing kit or a tiles upto 120mm in profile flashing kit. You need a minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees for these flashings. You will also recieved insulation & underfelt collars with your flashings which helps reduce heat loss and ensures a weather-tight seal between the roof window and the roof.

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