VELUX Flashing Guide

VELUX Flashings: Our guide to get it right on site

Choosing the correct flashings for your new or replacement roof windows are essential to a seamless install and are paramount to ensuring your home stays watertight. 

At YARD Direct our VELUX Flashing Kits will ensure your windows can be installed perfectly along side tiles, slates or other roofing materials. Our guide is designed to ensure all the relevant questions are asked so you as an installer / roofer / homeowner, can be certain the right one has been chosen at YARD Direct for your project. 

What material is your roof?

Corresponding with your roof pitch and roofing materials are essential to finding the correct flashing for your window. VELUX offer a range of flashing that will fit a variety of roofing materials: slate. tile, flat and profiled roofing materials. 

Flat Tiles on 20°-90° Pitched Roof - EDT


VELUX EDT flashing kits are suitable for installing VELUX roof windows into flat tile with a minimum of 15mm and maximum of 40 mm thick. The EDT flashing is designed for a neater finish and is compatible with roof pitches of 20°-90°.

Slate Tiles on 15°-90° Pitched Roof - EDL 


VELUX EDL flashing kits are suitable for installing VELUX roof windows into slates up to 8mm thick. This flashing is not suitable for interlocking slates and is suitable for roof pitches 15°-90°.

Plain Tiles on 25°-90° Pitched Roof - EDP


VELUX EDP flashing kits are suitable for installing VELUX windows into plain tiles with a maximum length of 300mm. The maximum thickness of this type of installation is 14mm and will only work on roof pitches 25°-90°.

Profiled Roofing Materials on 15°-90° Pitched Roof - EDW


VELUX EDW flashing kits are suitable for installing VELUX roof windows into flat or profiled roofing material up to 120 mm in profile. The flashing is more suitable for thick interlocking slate, thatch and profiled sheeting. The minimum pitch you can install  a roof window on is 15°, please contact us on 01786 357252.

Purchase VELUX single flashings on YARD Direct here.

Have you thought about recessed flashing?

Mentioned above are all the standard flashing installation options, regarding roofing material and pitch. VELUX also offer a flashing that is made for recessed installation, giving your project a more seek and streamlined appearance as it sits 40mm deeper in the roof structure. 

Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, they also offer greater energy efficiency when selected with insulation accessories.


EDJ - Tiles on 20°-90° Pitched Roof

VELUX EDJ recessed flashing kits are suitable for VELUX roof windows into flat or profiled roofing materials u to 90mm thick. The roof must have a pitch of 20°-90° for a recessed installation to work. The EDJ 2000 includes BDX 2000F installation package as standard. 

EDN - Slate on 20-90 Pitched Roof

VELUX ENDN recessed flashing kits are suitable for installing VELUX roof windows into slate up to 8mm thick. The roof must have a minimum pitch of 20° for the recessed installation to work. The EDN flashing i not suitable for interlocking slates due to their chunky nature. The EDN comes with the BDX 2000 insulation package as standard.  

Purchase VELUX recessed flashings here.

How many windows are you planning to install?

At YARD Direct we offer a range of different flashing options to suit the number, position and arrangement of windows on your specific roofing material. 

Twin Flashing

This standard option comes in EBL (slate), EBW (tile) and EBP (plain tile) options and allows two windows situated side-by-side with a gap of 18mm or 50mm. 

Purchase VELUX Twin Flashing here.

Recessed Duo Flashing

Available in two options, EKN for sates and an EKJ for tiles, this is similar to recessed flashing but allows for a pair of windows to be arranged next to each other with a gap of 100mm.

Purchase Recessed Duo Flashing here.

Coupled Flashing

Designed to use when installing two roof windows next to each other with a gap of 100mm, this flashing type is available for slates (EKL) up to 8mm, plan tile (EKP), up to 14mmm, and tiles(EKW) with a profile up to 120mm.

Purchase Coupled Flashing here.

Triple Window Flashing 

Triple Window Flashing helps you install three VELUX windows next to each other with a gap of 100mm. There are slate (EKL) and tile (EKW) options available to suit your roofing material. 

Purchase Triple Window Flashing here.

Quatto Window Flashing 

The Ouatto Window Flashing is appropriate for when you wish to install four windows next to each other (two above, two bellow), with a gap of 100mm. There are two options, slate (EKL) and tile (EKW) available to choose from. 

Purchase Quatto Window Flashing here.

Sloping and Fixed 

For a Sloping and Fixed design, the flashing is split into two sections, the flashing for the upper element and the flashing for the extension element. The Flashing for the upper element can be suited for standard profiled roofing material (EDW), recessed profile roofing material (EDJ), slate up to 8mm thick (EDL), and recessed slate (EDN). The flashing for the extension element for standard profiled roofing material (ETW WK34), recessed profiled roofing material (ETJ WK34), slate p to 8mm thick (ETL WK34) and recessed slate (ETN WK34). 

Contact us to find out more: 01786 357252

Sloping and Vertical 

Flashing also comes in a Sloping and Vertical design, with two options to fit roof materials, that is only required for half the upper element of the window as this is the only part that is situated on the roof. The flashing for the upper element is designed for profiled roofing material up to 120mm thick (EFW 0012), recessed profiled roofing material (EFJ 0012), slate up to 8mm thick (EFL 0012), and recessed slate (EFN 0012). 

Contact us to find out more: 01786 357252

Installation Accessories

Considering installation accessories can be the perfect and simple addition to your flashing and roof window installation. These accessories guarantee to save you energy and money on your utility bills, whilst ensuring a air and weathertight installation in the process. 

Insulation Collar BDX

The Insulation Collar BDX insulates around the roof window frame reducing heat loss and eliminating cold bridges. The flexible insulation frame can be compressed for quick installation, along with the click fittings at ensure a fast and accurate assembly.

The BDX insulation collar is supplied with the BFX underfelt collar as standard. 


Underfelt Collar BFX


The Underfelt Collar BFX ensures a watertight seal between the roof window and the roof. It is made from diffusion open material to minimise the risk of consideration ensuring a a tight seal to the underfelt of the roof. The BFX underfelt collar comes with transvers drainage gutter to lead water away from the head of the roof window if a tile or slate is broken above the window.  116514-01-l.png

Vapour Barrier BBX                                                                                  

The Vapour Barrier BBX helps prevent condensation from forming in the roof structure. It appears as a fully welded rubber gasket with a double pressure seals, which guarantees speedy installation and a vapour and airtight solution, with reinforced corners provide extra security against any perforation that could possibly take place.  117919-01-l.png



VELUX flashing installation couldn't be any easier. Below is an video that will guide you through the installation process.