The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

When it comes to the natural light in your home, it can be easy to feel that your options are limited in terms of getting new light to flood in. But how can you flood more light into your household and why would you bother to do this in the first place?

Whether you’re looking to move into a home with plenty of windows to offer you lots of natural lighting options, or are currently in a house that you’d like to add more windows to, there’s no denying that natural lighting withi...

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What to Consider When Buying Windows For Pitched Roofs

When planning an extension or new build, it can be a good idea to utilise the space under the roof by fitting pitched roof windows, allowing light in and making the space seem airy and bright. Ensuring that you purchase the correct windows for the job will guarantee years of hassle-free good looks and avoid problems such as leaks and damp. Knowing what you're looking for can be a minefield with all the different options out there – so what are the essential things to bear in ...

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A new fantastic offer has just started with VELUX. Throughout the months of April to May, you can earn bonus rewards of £40 in VELUX Rewards on every VELUX white-painted roof window that you purchase!!

You can save your rewards up or spend them in many top-brand partners such as Argos, M&S, Ticketmaster and Pizza Express!! Click on the link below to claim your VELUX rewards.

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VELUX Roof Windows let you bring light into dark areas of your home. They are high-qua...

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How to Remove Moss From a Roof Without Damaging it?

A cornerstone of getting your house sold or keeping it in tip top shape for your family to live there is to ensure that the roof is appropriately maintained, with broken tiles being replaced and appropriate sealing installed.

The presence of moss or algae on your roof can lead to costly repairs as the materials protecting your home are gradually worn away by unsightly growths that manifest themselves there. And if you’re living in a particularly humid area, the problem can be ...

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Are You Ready For A VELUX Electric Window Upgrade?

So, you’ve made the choice to add additional windows to your home to help shed some light into the rooms you frequent throughout the day. It’s likely while researching, you’ve come across several windows with different mechanisms and gadgets, and don’t know where to begin deciding what you’d like. Enter the electric roof window solutions…

Integra is the name given to any of VELUX’S electric or solar windows, and they all come in a variety of finishes from white painted pine, p...

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