Why Should I Invest in a Skylight For my Home?

Skylights are a beautiful feature in any home, but they are a costly investment. It is important that the benefits are carefully considered to make sure skylights are the best decision for your home. 

There are four reasons that make purchasing a skylight a worthwhile investment, which are:

  • The light they emit

  • They are energy efficient 

  • The aesthetic appeal

  • It improves mental wellbeing



The biggest benefit of a skylight is that it adds natural light to any room. Natural light ...

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Factors To Consider When Buying Roof Windows

When it comes to buying a roof window, there is much more to consider than simply choosing the desired size and colour that you would like. Fortunately, in this blog, we help you choose the right roof window option for your home, as we share our knowledge on everything from roof window features to their amazing capabilities that you may not know about.

At Yard Direct, we can help you maximise daylight, reduce energy consumption and improve your homes thermal performance in jus...

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Sun Tunnels - Your Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun Tunnels essentially allow you to bring natural light into your home. They make the perfect daylight solution in the most challenging of interior spaces. Sun tunnels do exactly what they say on the tin, channeling fresh daylight through the use of an internal reflective tunnel which can be placed on pitched or flat roofs. There is no need to worry about having a big silver tunnel in your home interior space, as these are placed strategically to be out ...

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The Benefits Of Velux Cabrio Balconies

If you feel your home may be lacking in outdoor space, or is difficult to add natural light into a room because of the pitch of the roof, then investing in a VELUX Cabrio Balcony to your home is one possible solution. Adding one of these products to your home, will not only provide countless benefits, but will also add value to your home when you consider a move. 


In this blog, we will go through the many advantages Cabrio balconies bring, and whether or not they are a suitab...

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The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

When it comes to the natural light in your home, it can be easy to feel that your options are limited in terms of getting new light to flood in. But how can you flood more light into your household and why would you bother to do this in the first place?

Whether you’re looking to move into a home with plenty of windows to offer you lots of natural lighting options, or are currently in a house that you’d like to add more windows to, there’s no denying that natural lighting withi...

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