VELUX Roof Window Flashings

We have the full range of VELUX Roof Window flashings to suit most roof materials and pitches. Whether it’s for a standard (EDP, EDL, EDW) or recessed installation (EDJ or EDN) for flat or profiled tiles, slate, or a flat roof then our experts and technical team can advise accurately what you need. We can help you navigate your way through the codes to the right choice of flashing enabling your installation to go as smoothly as possible! 

As well as the standard flashings we have a range of recessed flashings, replacement flashings, ECX timber kerbs & ZWC profile sets.

Recessed flashings allow your windows to sit lower in the roof creating a more slicker finish. The replacement flashings are ideal if you are taking an old window and putting a new one in as it allows the new window to sit in the same position as the old window minimising internal disruption. The ZWC profile sets are used when you have a non-standard roofing material like zinc, metal etc. In this case you use the ZWC along side an on-site flashing to keep the window weather tight. The timber is used when you want to put a pitched window into a flat roof.