VELUX 2in1

VELUX 2in1 roof window - Best price online

Are you looking for a VELUX roof window? The VELUX 2in1 is the perfect option for you. The 2in1 roof window comes with one opening window and one fixed roof window. The VELUX 2in1 is the new standard for adding maximum daylight and fresh air to your home. The VELUX 2in1 comes in a variation of models and sizes. The VELUX 2in1 is best suited for small to medium rooms, however. The 2in1 roof window can be combined for larger rooms. 

Features & Benefits

  • A 2in1 roof window comprising 1 single opening roof window and 1 fixed roof window.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-90°.
  • Stylish design to complement modern interiors and maximise natural light into your rooms
  • A more affordable alternative to buying two individual windows of the same size.
  • Available in triple or double glazed.
  • Aluminium control bar makes opening and closing your windows simple.
  • One sash on the 2in1 roof window can be opened a full 180°.
  • Ventilation flaps allow fresh air to enter room.
  • ThermoTechnology™ ensures excellent insulation, energy efficiency, and watertightness.
  • 10-year guarantee.

Do not hesitate, the 2in1 roof window is the most excited we have been for a long time with a new product! The 2in1 roof window is set to be the new standard for VELUX roof windows.

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