Fire Escape

Price Match Promise

The RoofLITE (YARDLITE) Fire Escape roof windows create the perfect fire escape route while also still allowing unobstructed views with its ¾ opening fixture. They come in 2 different sizes an M4A (78cm (W) x 98cm (H)) and M8A (78cm (W) x 140cm(H)).

The YARDLITE Fire escape windows are centre-pivot/ top-pivot hybrid windows which are double glazed with argo gas and low E coating. As well as this they also have a toughened outer pane. This clever design allows 10% more daylight into your room, flooding in the natural light. They also improve thermal insulation by sitting lower on the roof line.

All YARDLITE (RoofLITE) Fire Escape Windows also come with the standard RoofLITE 10 year guarantee.