New Zealand? No Problem!

30th September 2022

New Zealand? No problem!A new dimension to going the ‘Extra YARD’If you are a regular, one-time customer or even just visiting our website, you may have noticed our recognised slogan “Going the ext … read more

The Story of Roto Windows

28th September 2022

Where Does Roto Originate?Roto’s headquarters are based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen which is in Germany. The German company is organic and robust, with three strong values, the first being continuity, … read more

A Guide To Winter Window Care

20th September 2022

Cleaning your windows is never fun, never mind cleaning your dirty windows during the winter months, but it’s one of those tasks that has to be done. We hear you asking the question; how can I clean m … read more

Roto & Velux: What are the differences?

24th August 2022

We often get asked what the differences are between a Roto Window and a Velux Window. Whilst both are of very high qualities and are sure to add a good amount of natural sunlight to your home, there a … read more