Roof Window Systems

Systems & Bundles

Check out our range of direct roof systems. Did you know you can take the conversion of your roof space a step further and bring the outdoors indoors with a VELUX CABRIO balcony? Use a bit of VELUX magic and change your roof into a balcony giving you access to the view and fresh air and flooding your roof space with light. VELUX’s Roof Systems may also add value to your property and give you even more enjoyment as they are built directly into the lowest part of your roof enabling you to make the most of this often unused space. It enables you to extend your living space to enjoy the morning sun for breakfast or evening sun and nighttime stars for romantic evenings!

And if you have a mezzanine or property with one and a half storeys then VELUX’s Sloping and Vertical combinations are for you. This VELUX option will flood your home with natural light and also expands the view from your property growing your sense of space and bringing in the beauty of sunlight. Contact our technical team to explore the many options for you.

On a more practical note if you have the need for smoke ventilation then we have the best solution for you with VELUX’s Smoke Ventilation system. Available for both pitched and flat roofs these systems give peace of mind with their excellent workmanship and the usual VELUX 10-year guarantee (electrics 3-year guarantee).