VELUX CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation System


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VELUX Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation Systems
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The VELUX CSP Flat Roof smoke Ventilation System is designed to ventilate stairwells and lobbies for smoke or heat exhaust.
The key features and package for the VELUX Smoke Vent System includes:

  • 1 Double glazed window with a choice of two types of polycarbonate cover – Clear (CSP S10G) or Obscure (CSP S10H)
  • Insulated Kerb (Onsite flashings will be required)
  • Securing fittings
  • Tested and certified to EN ISO 12101-2
  • 10-year guarantee on windows and flashings, and a 3-year guarantee on all electrical products.

The CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation System is a new solution for flat roofs where smoke ventilation is needed.

The VELUX CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation system is the ideal product for providing automatic smoke ventilation within stairwells or lobbies. The window is double glazed with a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane with a protective polycarbonate cover helping to prevent the glass from shattering if broken

Features & Benefits:

  • Window is suitable for pitches between 0°-15 °.
  • To ensure the system is always ready it must be tested regularly – after installation, service work and alterations to the system.
  • Smoke Sensors (KFA 100), Control Panel (KFC 210 or 220) and Break Glass Unit (KFK 100) are purchased separately for the Flat Roof Smoke Vent.