Price From: £312.30 (inc. VAT) £260.25 (ex. VAT)

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The VELUX Flat Roof Sun Tunnels are the ideal solution for bringing in natural daylight into places you never thought possible.

  • Perfect for into hallways, bathrooms, cupboards and stairwells, where installation of a VELUX roof window is not possible.
  • For roof pitches between 0° and15°
  • Choose from a rigid or flexible sun tunnel
  • Easy to install

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Price From: £312.30 (inc. VAT) £260.25 (ex. VAT)

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The VELUX Flat Roof Sun Tunnel introduces light to naturally dark areas and provide installation flexibility.

Ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways, cupboards, and stairwells where you thought natural daylight could never be possible. The VELUX Flat Roof Sun Tunnels are only suitable for roof pitches between 0°-15° and come in both a flexible tunnel or a rigid tunnel. For that extra peace of mind, the sun tunnel’s both also come with the VELUX 10-year guarantee.

Flexible Flat Roof Sun Tunnel
These sun tunnels have been designed for spaces which are 0.2m – 0.9m between the roof and the ceiling. The easy-to-assemble, super reflective flexible tunnel has a diameter of 35cm. It also comes with an easy-to-assemble diffuser which comes complete with a polycarbonate insulating frame. The flexible flat roof sun tunnel comes with a PVC kerb and a polycarbonate dome giving an attractive finish.

Rigid Flat Roof Sun Tunnel  
The VELUX rigid flat roof sun tunnels have been designed for spaces which are 0.8 – 6m between the roof and the ceiling. The rigid sun tunnel is a 1.7m long rigid tunnel and is supplied with 2 x 45° bends to create a sturdy daylight system which will ensure adequate daylight levels. Coming in a super reflective coating, the sun tunnel provides a 98% internal reflection rate and comes with a PVC Kerb and acrylic dome.

PLEASE NOTE: You still need to flash in and around the kerb with onsite flashing to ensure a weathertight seal between the roof and sun tunnel.

If you are still unsure which sun tunnel would be perfect for your home, you can try the VELUX LUX calculator which helps you see what sun tunnel would bring in the most light into your home.

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