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Find a VELUX roof window installer near you. Our recommended installers are trade professionals who are certified by VELUX themselves. Whether you’re in London or in the Scottish Borders, we have you covered. Choose a YARD recommended installer and save on roof windows today.

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YARD Direct stands out as one of the rapidly expanding suppliers in the industry. With top-notch service that surpasses any other UK roof window supplier, we assure you of trustworthy and exceptional service. Our team of highly skilled and talented installers boasts years of experience, consistently delivering work and service of the utmost quality. Opting for one of our installers could lead to cost savings on roof windows, paired with fast & friendly service to help find you a certified installer near you.

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Dedicated Support✅

We provide various support channels for both homeowners and installers. Homeowners can benefit from our daylight advisory service, where our partnered design advisors create a virtual model of your home before you make a roof window purchase. Meanwhile, our Installers Development Scheme empowers our sales and marketing team to manage the growth of installers by providing agreement transfers, marketing support, and lead support.

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