Different Interrior Finishes For Roof Windows & Skylights.

Different Interrior Finishes For Roof Windows & Skylights.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 11th March 2024

Roof windows are perfect for adding daylight and fresh air into your home. However, it is important to make sure you choose the perfect internal finish for your roof window, not only to match the aesthetics in your home. But, to ensure optimal performance and lifetime. In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know, to choose the perfect finish for your skylight window.

Finishes Overview:

  • Pine Roof Windows
  • White Painted Pine Roof Windows
  • Polyurethane Roof Windows
  • PVC Roof Windows

Pine Roof Windows:

Pine roof windows were the most common roof windows in the 80s,90s, and 00s. However, when modern interior design blew up to include more whites, greys, and blacks. We seen the mass market switch to white painted roof windows, which are now the most common VELUX roof window. However, since the interior design trend of organic & earth tones, we have seen a spike within pine skylight & rooflight sales.

Pine roof windows are a timber frame, joisted together by strong adhesives and wood molding. Depending on the brand, they usually have a lighter & matt pine finish. Pine roof windows are usually completed with a clear lacquer, to keep the wood safe from any chips, scrapes, and bumps. However, it is important to note, over time this clear lacquer breaks down and this has to be recoated with a timber service kit.

For pine roof windows, we recommend shopping with Keylite or Fakro, who offer the best all round deal for pine roof windows.

White Painted Roof Windows:

White painted roof windows, for many years has been the most popular choice for roof windows. With social media, the renovation industry grew to a staggering £110.3bn, overall, in product, manufacturing and service costs. Social media influences around 44% of home renovations, according to Dirk Hoogenboom, research consultant at usp marketing, on LinkedIn. With this influence, many homes across the UK followed suit and changed their home to suit the “trendy” grey and white aesthetic, which lead to the rise in white painted pine roof window sales. However, after covid we seen trend flocking disappear. Where consumers started showing individuality, within their buying behaviors, which then caused a split market, where customers buy upon their individual needs and wants, not trends.

White Painted Pine Roof Windows are a timer FSC certified frame. Again, joisted together by strong adhesives, and timber molding. The timber frame is then coated three times, with a strong cover white paint. Once, the timber was coated white. Skylight manufacturers usually coat with a clear lacquer to ensure long term performance and coverage. However, it is important to note, white painted roof windows are difficult to maintain in humid areas, which moisture weakens the core of the roof window, as well as breaking down the paint within the pine. Making the finish easier to ware of and smudge over time.

For white painted pine roof windows, we recommend purchasing Keylite, or VELUX roof windows. Who offers the strongest, and best deal for white painted skylights.


Polyurethane VELUX roof windows are our new rising star. With our customers choosing GGU roof windows, over GGL roof windows for the first time ever in 2023. VELUX polyurethane roof windows used to be more expensive. However, to offer the best quality VELUX changed polyurethane to the standard model. Polyurethane has a longer life-time, and is maintenance free. Polyurethane roof windows are brilliant for kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. The pour less plastic frame stops moisture from getting into the frame and weakening the timber core.

Polyurethane roof windows are the strongest out of the VELUX line-up. With a timber core, made from FSC Pine. VELUX coats this timber core with a thick Polyurethane coating. It is then sealed and tested to ensure maximum performance. The PU roof window tends to be maintenance free, eliminating woodcare, moisture protection, and constant servicing. Unlike the pine and white pine roof windows, the polyurethane does not have any limitations or weak points. In our opinion polyurethane is the strongest out the VELUX roster of finishes, and our staff would choose this option to put in their house personally.

For Polyurethane, we recommend VELUX, or FAKRO roof windows. However, you may find the best Polyurethane skylight deal with VELUX.


PVC is the rising star within the roof fenestration industry, with more manufacturers opting to create PVC roof windows, instead of polyurethane skylights. PVC is one of the strongest materials used to create roof windows, PVC windows swift component design is impressive, and the strength of these windows is modernizing the roof window industry. PVC has taken the market by storm with more people opting in for Keylite PVC than ever before.

PVC roof windows are similar to polyurethane. However, each have their own individual benefits. PVC is excellent for acid resistance, and odor resistance compared to polyurethane. However, polyurethane takes the edge in oil resistance, and chemical resistance. However, in our opinion they both have excellent abrasion resistance. PVC roof windows are plastic right to the core. Unlike polyurethane which is still based upon a timber core. PVC roof windows are perfect for lifetime moisture resistance and has zero opportunity for the frame to rot.

For PVC roof windows, we recommend shopping with Keylite Roof Windows. With most modern-day home builders opting for both Keylite, and PVC rooflight models.

Our buyers guide:

Looking for VELUX? Buy GGU Polyurethane, as VELUX’s cheapest and strongest option. It is a no brainer.

Looking for quality, and price. Purchase Keylite. One of the fastest and rapidly quality recognized brands. Keylite, get complimented on all their finishes, and with 20 years warranty. When serviced at 9 years. You do not need to worry about the lifetime of your roof window.

For FAKRO, we recommend purchasing PVC or Polyurethane, for extra moisture resistance, and lifetime performance.

For budget, go with YARDLITE. One of the UK’s most recognised and loved budget roof window brands. Ensuring you get quality for its cost.