​The Benefits of Velux Electric Windows

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 29th May 2023

Velux electric windows are a great way to add natural light, ventilation, and energy efficiency to your home. They offer a number of benefits, including:Increased natural light: Roof windows let in mo … read more

What to do if your VELUX window cracks.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 31st March 2023

VELUX windows are a popular brand of roof windows that provide natural light and ventilation to homes. While they are built to last, accidents can happen, and your VELUX window may crack. Here's wha … read more

How to install VELUX window.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 28th March 2023

This is the most complete guide on the internet on how to install VELUX window.Installing VELUX roof windows can be easy. VELUX windows are renowned for their ease of installation within the roof wi … read more