How To Clean Sash Window.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 23rd May 2024

Step 1. Ensure Personal Safety. Step 2. Position Your Window. Step 3. Prepare Cleaning Solution. Step 4. Cleaning The Frame.Step 5. Change Your Soapy Water Step 6. Clean Your Glazi … read more

Cost of Installing uPVC Sash Windows UK 2024.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 21st May 2024

Replacing windows in your home may not be the most exciting cosmetic change, but changing your windows can provide multiple benefits to you and your home and usually are well worth the investment. Ins … read more

VELUX Blind Guide

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 16th May 2024

VELUX blinds are as simple as they are stylish. With many benefits such as extra privacy from neighbours, and extra comfort in blocking early morning sunrises and glaring lap-post reflections. However … read more