Roof Window Blinds

At YARD Direct we have a wide range of velux roof window blinds to match your RoofLITE or VELUX roof windows blinds. Our extensive styles and colours allow you to select the best to suit your room type. VELUX window blinds are available as Blackout, Duo Blackout, Roller, Roman, Flying Pleated, Venetian, Energy, Awning and Insect screens. The RoofLITE blinds are available in a range of Blackout blinds, Roller blinds, Venetian and Antiheat blinds which are operated manually where as the VELUX window blinds can be manually operated or with a remote control electrically or solar powered. Our roof window blinds are the perfect accessory. 

VELUX also have a wide range of Blackout Disney & Star Wars Blinds which are ideal for your childs(or your own!) bedroom. Easy installation for the a diy homeowner or tradesperson