VELUX Pole Control

For reaching those out-of-reach windows it is often recommended to use VELUX window pole, often refered to as a telescopic pole for VLEUX windows. The VELUX window pole allows you to open your VELUX windows at height with ease. The VELUX window pole can be equipt with a velux pole hook, otherwise known as a blind adaptor for dual operation of your roof window and blind toegther. 

Introducing the VELUX window poles, extensions, and blind adaptors - the perfect solution to help you control and adjust your VELUX windows and blinds with ease!

Our high-quality VELUX window poles (ZCT 200K) come in a range of lengths to ensure you can reach your windows even in the trickiest of spots. Made from durable materials, they provide a sturdy and reliable grip for effortless window operation.

For those hard-to-reach windows, our VELUX window poles and extensions provide an extra reach of up to two meters. This means you can easily operate your windows without the need for a ladder or step stool, providing a safe and convenient solution.

And for those who want to add an extra layer of functionality to their VELUX windows, our blind adaptors are the perfect choice. They allow you to easily fit and operate VELUX blinds without the need for any extra tools or fittings.

All of our VELUX window poles, extensions, and blind adaptors are designed to seamlessly integrate with your VELUX windows, providing a hassle-free and easy-to-use solution. So why not take control of your windows today and invest in VELUX window poles, extensions, and blind adaptors!