VELUX windows replacement glass

With the VELUX 10 year guarantee you know you have the best service possible, with the reputation to prove it. VELUX windows replacement glass provides better heat and sound insulation properties by upgrading existing glazing units from older windows manufactured before April 2001. The brilliant thing about VELUX is that they have not changed the standard window sizes for 40 years. So if you are looking to replace the glazing only then all you need to do is provide us with the code found on the metal strip on the top inner edge of the window frame. You can click here for a better direction on where to find this. Replacement glass for VELUX window is a cheap and quick way to fix the roof window. VELUX windows replacement glass sizes differ depending on your roof window code. Refer to our VELUX size guide for more information about VELUX sizes and codes. However, there is alot more benefits to replacing your roof window rather than purchasing replacement glass for a VELUX window. You can read our VELUX size guide here.

Replacing VELUX window glass can be a suitable option. However, we recommend where possible. To replace your roof window completley. Windows past a certain age stop performing to their full potential and while still being very reliable. There is many benefits of replacing your roof window instead of purchasing a VELUX windows replacement glass: 

  • Ten years warranty.
  • Better thermal performance.
  • New generation, slim frame, bigger glazing for more light. 
  • Better indoor climate.
  • Better insulation.

All these our mounting factors in your decision to purchasing replacement glass for VELUX window. However, our price beat promise can help you find your dream roof window for the best price in the UK! 

Thinking about replacing your roof window instead of a VELUX window glass replacement? Read our in dept VELUX replacement guide here.