Keylite Window Sizes

Why Keylite?

1. Expanding Insulation Collar

KEYLITE roof windows come with an expanding insulation collar which improves the thermal performance of your roof window and home. Just pull the tape and the foam expands to fill the gap between the Polar White PVC Roof Window and the roof timbers.

2. All Weather Ventilation 

With KEYLITE's top handle trickle ventilation, natural airflow can be resumed even when the window is locked and closed. The trickle vent comes with a air filter to ensure no insects or debris enters your home.

3. Easy Installation 

Simple, Easy.. Fast. From box to roof in 2 minutes. Keylite innovations combine for faster, easier installation.

4. Pre-Installed Installation Brackets

Keylite windows come with adjustable installation brackets. Creating a faster and friendlier way to install roof windows into your home. Saving time & money.

5. Streamlined for Style

Streamlines & stylish, all Keylite roof windows are recessed into the roof to achieve a modern and contemporary style for any home or building.