Conservation Rooflights

VELUX Conservation Roof Windows Price Beat Promise

Our Conservation Rooflights are purpose-built for areas with planning regulations. Easily identified by a distinctive glazing bar and black external finish, VELUX, RoofLITE, and FAKRO offer high-quality, compliant options. Our Heritage brand provides manual or electric opening, or fixed options. Opt for the RoofLITE pine centre pivot window for competitive prices and next-day delivery. Available in pine, white painted, polyurethane (PU), and PVC finishes, these windows suit various spaces, including humid rooms like kitchens or bathrooms. Installation is versatile, fitting sloped roofs at pitches between 15°-90°. Trust us for quality and compliance in your conservation window needs.

Ideal for conservation projects the conservation roof windows by VELUX meet most requirements. In some areas, planning officers may not insist on the black external finish in which case you can create the desired old-style effect by adding a glazing bar to a standard VELUX roof window. For standard grey roof windows, shop here.


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If you're looking for a way to preserve the original features of your historic building while enjoying modern features and great thermal performance, VELUX conservation and heritage windows may be the solution you need. These windows are specially designed to blend in with the aesthetics of heritage, conservation, and historical buildings, while providing all the benefits of modern technology.


VELUX conservation and heritage windows come in a variety of styles, including top-hung and centre-pivot, to suit your specific needs. They are slim and elegant, sitting flush to the slates, to blend beautifully into the roofing material. The bright white painted finish of the windows also makes them suitable for modern interiors.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, VELUX conservation and heritage windows also come with premium glazing features, including safety lamination, toughened outer glass, easy-to-clean coating, and UV filter. They also feature a unique rain noise reduction system, ensuring that you can enjoy peace and quiet even during a downpour. Whether you're renovating an old building or simply looking to add some character to your home, VELUX conservation and heritage windows are a reliable and stylish choice.