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VELUX Window Extras

Here you will find important and useful VELUX window accessories. Depending on the location of your VELUX skylight you may need a VELUX Pole Control (ZCT 200K), Window Locks (ZOZ 012K) for additional security or for extra safety with windows accessible to children a VELUX Restrictor (Z0Z 010K S011) to prevent the window from being opened fully.

Also available are Glazing Bars (ZGA) to enable a standard VELUX roof window to have a more traditional look and if you have a blind on your ‘out of reach’ window then you will need a Pole Adapter (ZOZ 085) which enables you to open and close your manual blind. Maintenance Kits for VELUX White polyurethane (ZZZ 129), VELUX White Painted (ZZZ 130), or VELUX Pine window (ZZZ 176) and a general Care Kit (ZZZ 131) for your VELUX windows are also a ‘nice to have’ accessory to help you extend the lifespan of your investment in your roof lights.