Flat Roof Windows

We have a variety of high-quality flat roof windows & roof domes for all budgets. Tried, tested and trusted flat roof windows from Mardome, VELUX, Atlas, Whitesales and EOS so YARD Direct can provide the ideal solution for any requirement.

Available in fixed, manual, and electric with a choice of finishes and colours as well as a wide range of sizes and glazing options, our flat roof windows are incredibly versatile. The glazing varies from glass to polycarbonate domes, available in a range of colours, depending on the brand, including Clear, Opaque and Opal, Bronze or Textured with single, double and triple glazed options which offer different levels of insulation and enabling you to fit budget and purpose.

New for 2017 - the VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights, the premium choice with it's sleek, innovative design. Comes fixed or electric with a variety of sizes available.

Electric & Solar blinds are also an option for the VELUX Flat Roof Windows and VELUX Flat Roof Domes.