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Open up a world of light and fresh air into your home with the VELUX Top-hung window. It is recommended to place these windows at eye-level to take full advantage of unobstructed, panoramic views while also increasing your energy efficiency and natural ventilation.

Due to the unrestricted opening area and the ability to open to any position up to 45°, the top-hung roof windows in sizes CK06 and above can be used for emergency and fire escape purposes. The convenient top-hung roof window is operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, making it the perfect choice for loft conversions with windows in easy reach.

These handy windows are suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 55° and they feature the ability to rotate 180° allowing for easy cleaning from the inside. To allow you to make the most of your project, we offer the top-hung roof window in three different internal finish options. You can choose from pine, white-painted, or a white polyurethane finish, making this window a perfect fit in almost any home and living area.

The top-hung roof window comes with standard 70 glazing with a laminated inner pane and a toughened outer pane. However, with the white painted and white polyurethane finished windows you can choose from a range of other glazing options such as: 60 pane noise reduction glazing or 66 pane triple glazing. Additional types of glazing for the pine finish is available on request for the VELUX top hung window.

Even though our branded windows are made to last, the top-hung roof window also comes with the VELUX 10 year guarantee to provide that extra peace of mind.