Installers Development Scheme - Why choose YARD Direct

We all at YARD Direct pride ourselves on the quality, service & prices we provide to both our installer & homeowner customers. We are always looking for new ways to help our installers grow & transform their business. To celebrate our 10 years in business, we are once again going the extra YARD. Our brand-new development support scheme will make sure YARD Direct offer installers the most in depth & beneficial trade agreement in the UK. Here is what becoming a member of YARD connect is like. 

Our Network:

We work with a huge network of installers across the UK. As well, as our close ties & partnership with our suppliers. Becoming a trade partner of YARD Direct opens up a wider network of people within the industry for you. From YARD x VELUX training days, to general questions & benefits our connections won’t leave you disappointed!

Agreement Transfer:

Our new agreement transfer scheme allows any UK installer transfer to YARD Direct smoothly & efficiently. You can transfer your discounts & agreement, or we will offer a better deal (where possible). Which allows you to only gain benefits when you move to YARD. 

Marketing & Sales Support:

Summer 2023, we launched our sales & marketing support programme. Which includes: 

Sales Support:

Our expert team who have years of experience are ready to act as a member of your team. Where we can step in and provide sales support all on your terms.

Marketing Support:

Our marketing team is now available to installers. From digital content to social media our team are ready to help your business grow! 

Putting your business on the map:

At YARD we are home to VELUX certified installers. However, we also work with thousands of website visitors looking for their perfect daylight solution. Beginning August 2023, we will start providing our installers leads via our find an installer page. Where all we do is make our customer yours too. Pricing & Invoicing will be down to you to make sure you can always price your work correctly.


We currently have some of the most advanced technology in the industry, which we are now opening up to you and your customer. Our window butler allows your customer to swiftly find their perfect roof window just by answering a few questions. Our brand-new daylight advisory service in partnership with VELUX, allows you to send us your plans/room. Where our team & VELUX will turn the project into a visualization to help you sell your customer your services.

Deals & Offers.

At YARD we run regular promotions, year-round. Which helps you gain a little extra for yourself or to pass onto the customer. We love to recognise our installers growth & development & we will always where possible provide rewards, discount upgrades & referral gifts.

Our Service:

We take pride in our service & always aim sure to exceed the expectations of you and your customer. Our 4.8 star Trustpilot sets the expectations for the roof window market. We lead number 1 UK wide for customer service. With our installers saying they would never leave YARD Direct.

So, what you waiting for? Even if you are happy with your current supplier. We do a great job. Come have a no obligation chat and let's see if there is a way our expert team can help you!