Pitched Roof Windows

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Pitched roof windows enhance buildings with a sloped roof, fitting pitches from 15°-90°. Choose from VELUX center pivot or top-hung styles based on location and preference. YARDLITE roof windows offer budget-friendly daylight without added ventilation. Opt for white painted, polyurethane, or PVC for modern interiors, while natural pine provides a traditional touch. Different glazing options, including triple glazing and noise reduction, cater to specific needs. Keylite Roof Windows are great for flexible fast and thermal installations for roof window installers. Special conservation windows are available for heritage projects. Ensure a watertight installation with essential flashings, especially for side-by-side setups. With a vast stock, we offer next-day delivery for top brands like VELUX, YARDLITE, Fakro, and Keylite, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

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Illuminate and ventilate your home effortlessly with pitched roof windows, also known as skylights. Choose from various styles and sizes to suit your needs. Benefit from natural light, reducing reliance on artificial lighting for improved mood and well-being. Enhance ventilation, minimizing the risk of damp and mold. Consider factors like roof size, desired light intake, and budget when selecting roof windows. Explore top brands like VELUX, FAKRO, ROTO & DAKEA. Simplify your living space upgrade with our trusted range.