YARDLITE PVC APY/APV Centre-Pivot Roof Window


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APY B700 / APV B700
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YARDLITE offers affordable and low-maintenance White uPVC and White uPVC Vented roof windows that are made of durable, steel-reinforced PVC. These windows have a modern look and passive ventilation within 3 handle positions. They have a 10-year guarantee and are manufactured in a certified facility owned by VKR Holding with over 80 years of experience.

These windows have an impressive Uw-Value of 1.1 W/m2K, are highly water-tight, and feature 24-mm double glazing with argon filling, a low-E coating, and a toughened outer pane. The white PVC frame is easy to clean and brightens up any room, allowing up to 10% more daylight into your home. The Vented model has a ventilation valve that allows for airflow even when the window is closed.

YardLITE windows are easy to install with an included installation guide and are a smart investment for anyone who wants high-quality, affordable windows with superior energy efficiency and durability.

Features & benefits:

• Low maintenance, the white PVC is easy to clean.
• Guarantees resistance and durability against humidity.                                                        
• 10 years guarantee
• The YardLITE White uPVC Vented also comes with a ventilation valve.
• The white finish makes any room look brighter and gives a modern look.
• Better Uw-value and water tightness.*
• Double glazed with argon gas, a low E coating and toughened outer pane.
• Allows up to 10% more daylight (than some other branded windows).
• Easy to install.

 * than the YARDLITE Pine and YARDLITE Pine Vented series

Internal Colour:
White PVC
White (PVC)
Roof Pitch:
15-90° using a SFX/TFX/UFX Flashing, 25-90° using a KFP Flashing
10 years
1.4 W/m²K
Opening Options:
Centre-Pivot Manual
Product Brochure
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 Installation Instructions
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