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VELUX INTEGRA® Solar-powered roof windows have all the features and benefits of an electric window but uses the power of the sun.  These need to be installed in sunny and light-filled locations as the integrated solar cell which charges the window requires contact with direct sunlight.  Though slightly more expensive than the INTEGRA® Electric, this roof window is the ideal choice for the astute and energy-conscious homeowner. The windows are available in lacquered pine (GGL) and white polyurethane uPVC (GGU).

The VELUX Flashings are required to install roof windows and are suitable for these roofing materials :

  • Tiles up to 120mm in profile (EDW)
  • Plain Tiles 15mm thick (EDP)
  • Slate 8mm thick (EDL)
  • Uncertain on flashings you need - use this guide to help you find out or contact us.

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Price From: £568.80 (inc. VAT) £474.00 (ex. VAT)
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Further Detail

If you’re looking for a state of the art roof window then look no further than the GGL or GGU VELUX INTEGRA Solar Powered Window. There is so much about this centre-pivot sun powered skylight that will tick your boxes! 

  • It is green with a capital G and it will save you money as it’s power comes from the sun - and even if there’s no sun it stores enough power to open and close the window an incredible 300 times!
  • And what if it rains and you are out? Well VELUX have thought of everything - it has a rain sensor so if you are not at home then all is safe from the rain as it will close automatically making this  beautiful, traditional Rooflight a favourite for so many!

So not only does it look stunning it also solves the problem of letting light in to your house from a high ceiling or difficult to reach spot. The iPad-like remote control can be used up 20 metres away from the roof window and it can rotate 180° which makes it easy to clean the outside of the window from the inside. The advantage of this rooflight over the VELUX Electric Integra is that no power sockets are needed just a roof spot that is not in the shade making it even simpler to install.

Suitable for a roof pitch between 15°-90° it comes in Laquered Pine (GGL) and white polyurethane uPVC (GGU) and as ever has the VELUX 10 year guarantee.