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The VELUX Flexible Sun Tunnel comes in 14" in diameter, 2 meters long and is suitable for slate up to 8mm thick or tiles up to 120mm in profile . The Sun Tunnel is easy to install and comes complete with integral flashing.

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£257.18 (inc. VAT) £214.32 (ex. VAT)
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Room with no window? Bathroom in darkness? Dark corridors? Shady corners? Did you realise that you can bring light into these dark areas of your home with a VELUX Flexible Sun Tunnel! The VELUX Flexible Sun Tunnel, also known as sun tube, sun pipe, and light tunnel, comes in one size of 14” and is suitable for a roof pitch between 15º and 60º.  Accompanied by the confidence inspiring 10 year VELUX guarantee it is the ideal solution for roof space where the path between roof and ceiling may be populated with obstructions including joists, soil pipes, water pipes, heating pipes and water tanks. The VELUX Flexible light tunnel is easy to install and comes with its own integrated flashing that can be specified for slates up to 8mm thick or tiles up to 120mm in profile.


What improvement in light will the Sun Tunnel give? This does depend on the position in the roof and the length of space between the roof and the ceiling above the room it will be lighting.  But given that the sun tunnel will be fitted in an area where there is currently very little natural light then you will see a big difference! There will also be an energy saving as the need to use lights during the day will diminish considerably. The Rigid sun pipe does give off more light than the Flexible version but both will make a dramatic improvement to the status quo! VELUX’s sun tunnels fit perfectly on to the roof and the internal fittings are excellent and fit neatly into the ceiling of any room.


How do I choose between a Rigid and a Flexible Sun Tube? If your roof space has any of these obstacles in the path of the sun tube then the Flexible light tunnel is the option is the one for you!