For Windows from 4th Feb 2014 – Present

As with all technology, sometimes things can become unconnected or out of sync with each other. Occasionally your VELUX Integra® Electric Roof Window remote may not be working with the window. This can be frustrating and so for situations in this case we have provided a simple guide on how to perform a full system reset for your remote easily.

Step 1:

  • If there are other products installed – such as blinds, awnings etc – please ensure these are open.
  • Open the window manually.
  • Push down on the lever to the right of the T bar and locate the reset button as shown:

 Location of reset button

  • Please note: If you have a previous generation window, the reset button will be located as shown:

Old Generation remote

Step 2:

  • Press and hold this reset button for at least 15 seconds – ensuring you continue to hold the button even when the chain moves.
  • If you have other products installed (e.g. blinds) these will also move up and down.
  • The chain will move in and out several times.

Step 3:

  • Once the product stops moving, close the window – ensure the vent bar is fully closed.
  • Once the window is reset, switch the power off to the window for at least 60 seconds.
  • For more than one window, repeat the above steps for all windows.

 Step 4:

  • Leaving the power off, remove the back of the remote by pushing the small tab. (See Step 1 below)
  • Then turn the remote control pad over and press the home button. (See Step 2 below)
  • Finally push the reset button on the remote control for at least 5 seconds. (See Step 3 below)Remote Reset

Step 5:

  • The display on the remote screen will ask if you wish to reset the remote, select yes. You can now place the back of the remote back on.
  • The VELUX logo will then be displayed for a short time while it resets.
  • You will be asked to select a language – choose English then press the right arrow in the top right corner.
  • You will then get a message asking you to “Tap the forward arrow when your products have been connected to power.” At this point, you can switch the power back on to all the windows and tap the forward arrow on your remote.
  • The remote will search for the product(s), this could take up to 2 minutes. Once it has found the product(s) – you can tap the right arrow.
  • Then tap OK on the remote control.

After completing all these steps accordingly, your remote control will have reset and will be ready to operate the window(s) again.

For further information check out the VELUX KLR 200 INTEGRA Quick Start Guide, and for the VELUX KLR 200 Manual click here.

If you are still struggling with resetting your remote after reading this guide, contact VELUX on 01592 778 225.

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