FAKRO roof windows

FAKRO windows is the fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. FAKRO windows are the perfect combination security, quality, and efficiency, without distributing that slim, modern look we all want in our homes today. FAKRO roof windows come in a range of different shapes, sizes, finishes, operations and for different roof types you may have on your home. Our range offers you the ability to compare all options to choose your favourite model to add into your home for the perfect daylight oasis. You can browse our range of centre pivot windows, top hung windows, FAKRO balcony windows, FAKRO flat roof windows and more!


At YARD Direct we have created a quick and easy guide so you can compare all our roof window options, and find the perfect window best suited to your home. You can read this guide - Here. If your still unsure on what you are looking for, our daylight advisors are on hand on 01786 357252 or on sales@yarddirect.com. Alternatively, you can use our window butler to help you find your roof window.