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The VELUX awning blinds (MHL/MAL/MML) help to stop strong sunlight and heat coming into your room.

  • High quality – weather resistant fabric for longer lasting performance.
  • Easy installation – PICK&CLICK system
  • Reduced heat
  • 4 operation methods: manual with cord, manual with hooks, electrically operated, and solar operated.

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Price From: £35.11 (inc. VAT) £29.26 (ex. VAT)

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The VELUX awning blinds are perfectly suited to stop strong sunlight and heat even before it hits the pane on your roof window.

While not in use, the awning blind rolls up out of sight under its casing. When extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric cuts out the direct rays of the sun, still allowing full visibility to the outside, and reduces the heat of the sun by 90%. The blind can be positioned anywhere in the window and can also be used with the window open. Manual with hooks can only be rolled fully up or fully down. Choose from three colours with three levels of transparency

The blinds can be operated in four ways:

  • Manual with cord – operated with a cord allowing for blinds to be pulled to position wanted.
  • Manual with hooks – operated with a control bar for windows within reach, where the blind is fixed to two hooks on the outside.
  • Electrically operated – operated via a remote control for windows out of reach or to create added comfort.
  • Solar operated – operated with a remote control with recharged solar power battery for out of reach and manual use. 
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