VELUX Conservation Roof Windows


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VELUX Conservation Roof Windows
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The VELUX Conservation windows blend perfectly into the roof of your old building, transforming it into a light filled space. Fill your heritage home with a stylish roof window with natural daylight to create a happier and healthier living environment.

  • Black aluminium exterior with white painted pine internal finish
  • Variety of size options in the centre-pivot windows
  • One size for top-hung opening – 78cm wide x 140cm high (MK08)
  • U-value of 1.3 W/m2K
  • VELUX 10-year guarantee
  • Package comes with GGL/GPL White-Painted Pine Window; Glazing bar; Flashing; Insulation Collar and Underfelt Collar.

Transform your beautiful old building into a light-filled glorious space without spoiling any of its lovely features with a VELUX conservation window.

The classic conservation windows blend perfectly into the roof of old buildings with a vertical centre bar and black finish exterior. As well as looking beautiful, they bring loads of light and a new lease of life into fabulous old structures. With the MK08 Top-Hung conservation skylight, this can make the perfect choice where windows need to be within easy reach. These provide a panoramic view and increase the feeling of spaciousness inside. On to of this, the top-hung rooflight can be used as an emergency escape while still maintaining a discreet look on the building. 


  • Energy efficiency: Velux conservation windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind, using high-quality materials and insulation to help reduce heat loss and lower your energy bills.
  • Increased natural light: Velux conservation windows are designed to maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home, which can help improve the mood and atmosphere of your living space.
  • Improved ventilation: Velux conservation windows are designed to allow for better ventilation, helping to improve air quality and reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Velux conservation windows are designed to be both functional and beautiful, adding a unique touch of elegance and style to any room in your home.
  • Environmental sustainability: Velux conservation windows are made using sustainable materials and production processes, making them an eco-friendly choice for homeowners who are concerned about the environment.
  • Increased home value: Installing Velux conservation windows can help increase the resale value of your home, as they are a desirable feature that many homebuyers look for when shopping for a new home.


  • Internal white painted finish
  • Toughened outer and laminated inner double glazing (--70)
  • Rotates 180° and locks in place for easy cleaning of outer pane
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 20° - 90°
  • Flashing – if a recessed flashing is needed for the more traditional finish then it is either the SD5N2 for slate or the SD5J2 for tiles up to 90mm.
  • Insulation collar (BDX 2000) and underfelt collar (BFX 1000) enhance the energy efficiency with the excellent ThermoTechnology®

Conservation VELUX window installation: 

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