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VELUX roof windows are built to last. For over 80 years, the VELUX Group has helped people transform spaces using daylight and fresh air through the roof. By creating brighter, healthier, more sustainable places to live, work, learn and play.  Award-winning windows can fit any roof – flat, pitched, old or new – and can be accessorised with VELUX blinds and shutters. You can even add more space to your home with a VELUX CABRIO® balcony.


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VELUX pitched roof windows

VELUX Roof Windows let you bring light into dark areas of your home. They are high-quality roof windows made to last. Here at YARD Direct, our VELUX roof window experts have a full range of VELUX roof windows and also a massive range of accessories. From different styles of windows from VELUX Centre Pivot Windows, VELUX Top Hung Windows, VELUX Conservation Roof Windows, and VELUX Rooflights there is a big choice to find exactly what you are looking for. 


You can view our wide range of VELUX pitched roof windows below.

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VELUX flat roof window

VELUX flat roof windows are a great option for home improvement and extensions. VELUX flat roof windows can offer lots of natural daylight and ventilation into your home. Flat roof windows come in a range of different sizes and operations including electric, manual, and fixed.  VELUX flat roof windows are a perfect option to open your home to the clouds and the stars! VELUX flat roof windows are suitable for windows up to 15 degrees in pitch and come with a 10-year guarantee


VELUX windows for flat roofs come included with both the base unit and the cover to make that installation process that one bit easier.

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VELUX roof window systems

VELUX roof window systems are a great way to transform spaces. VELUX roof window systems can offer over double the amount of daylight and ventilation a single roof window can, as well as opening your home to create a more open homely appeal. There is a wide range of roof window systems such as balcony windows, terraces, 3-in-1, sloping vertical and sloping fixed windows to suit your specific needs and wants for your project. 


Roof window system are the full package of practicality and technology to open your home to the future. 



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VELUX sun tunnels

The Sun Tunnel Flat Roof bring natural daylight into your home where you never thought was possible before. These sun tunnels are ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways, and cupboards – areas of the home where there are no windows providing natural light into the home.


The VELUX sun tunnels feature a few innovative designs which improve performance and makes the installation even easier.


The pitched roof sun tunnel is suitable for roof pitches of 15° – 60° and the discreet external finish ensures a sleek, modern exterior view to your window.