VELUX Rewards

Earn VELUX Rewards when you shop with YARD Direct!

What are VELUX Rewards?

VELUX offer you fantastic top-brand high street vouchers in return for purchasing qualifying products as a gratitude to their customers. Simply type in your product code of your product and their rewards calculator ( and it will show you how much you are entitled to!

Claim between £3-£35 rewards for each product every time, on your favourite brands; M&S, Argos, Tesco, Adidas, H&M, John Lewis, plus more.

How do I claim my VELUX Rewards?

1. Sign up / Log in 

It only takes a few minutes to log in or create an account and you can start to claim VELUX Rewards instantly!

Click here

2. Submit

Once you've accessed your account, you can submit your first claim, whether you're a homeowner, builder or installer. All you need to do now is answer the short dropdown questions and upload a photo of your invoice. Pease note invoices must be submitted within 45 days of purchase.

3. Claim

After approval, you will receive a text/email, allowing you to immediately claim your rewards with one of the top-brands VELUX have partnered with.

Year Round Rewards

Continue to enjoy VELUX Rewards all year round! Pick up the following cash rewards every time you purchase a roof window, sun tunnel, blind or shutter with YARD Direct.

Roof Windows




Flat Roof Windows




Sun Tunnels




Combi Flashings





Blackout Blinds





Duo Blackout Blinds




Awning Blinds