YARDLITE CVX CONS Conservation Roof Windows


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CVX B701
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The YardLITE Conservation roof windows are a value for money ventilated conservation roof window

It is well priced and made using the latest technology to be in line with conservation roof regulations. The roof window has a standard 10 year guarantee.

The black vertical glazing bar and black external profiles make the YardLITE Conservation roof window a perfect match with conservation roofs.

The window is made from high quality raw materials: FSC certified pine wood that comes from sustainable forests. The window has a Uw-Value of 1,4 W/m2K and has 24-mm double glazing (argon filled), a low E coating and a toughened outer pane. The low-E coating allows light into the room, and at the same time, reflects heat from outside out of the room, keeping the room cool in the summer. It also traps the heat on a cold day thereby keeping the room warm.

The smart design allows up to 10% more daylight in (than some other branded windows). It is also a perfect match with conservation roof requirements, due to the black vertical glazing bar and black external profiles. The elegant handle has three positions, two to allow passive ventilation. Plus, this window is equipped with a standard ventilation valve that allows airflow into the room, even when the window is closed.

YardLITE windows are very easy to install, even for DIY customers! Every box includes a step by step installation guide which is easy to follow and well known to professional installers.

Features & benefits:

• Excellent value for money ventilated conservation roof window.
• 10 years guarantee.
• Black vertical glazing bar and external profiles matches conservation roof requirements.
• Made from FSC certified high-quality pine wood (from sustainable forests).
• Double glazed with argon gas, a low E coating and toughened outer pane.
• Allows up to 10% more daylight (than other branded windows).
• Perfect match with conservation roof requirements.
• Easy to install.

Internal Colour:
Roof Pitch:
20-90° using a SFX/TFX/UFX Flashing, 25-90° using a KFP Flashing
10 years
1.5 W/m²K
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