Can I Fit My Own Velux Windows?

7th April 2022

The thought of filling your home with natural sunlight and creating those stunning outdoor views sounds amazing right? You can complete this desired look with VELUX roof windows, but one thing you do need to consider is the installation. Do not be alarmed though, it is possible to fit your own VELUX roof window, as long as you are properly prepared.

It is super important that you follow the instructions as close to the book as possible to ensure the perfect look and performance of your new window. Before you consider fitting your VELUX windows you need to check whether your project requires planning permission and also check and follow all building regulations related to energy efficiency.

What Tools Do We Recommend?

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Ladder
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Pincers
  • Panel saw
  • Staple
  • Angle grinder
  • Safety goggles

How to Fit Your VELUX Windows?

  1. Use a pencil and mark the rafters where your new VELUX window is going to go and then mark the centre
  2. Starting from the centre, remove any felt or battens to expose the roofing materials. Remove all the tiles that cover your initial markings for the window. The width of the new opening should be between 40 and 60mm bigger than the size of the window
  3. Fasten the top and bottom support battens using a spirit level
  4. Make your VELUX insulation collar by clipping all corners together before lifting and placing ready for your window frame to be installed
  5. Detach the window frame and screw the brackets onto the window frame and lift into the opening. Screw into the bracket holes, through the batten and into the rafter to secure the bottom of the frame in place
  6. Reattach the sash into the frame, when all is even, screw in the top brackets to fully secure the window
  7. Fit your underfelt collar to the edges of the window frame and then staple down the collar to the battens
  8. Install the gutter into place at the top of the window and fold the underfelt collar over and into it. Secure into place using the clips provided
  9. Install your tiles back underneath your window and now you are ready to fit your flashing. Press and smooth the bottom apron of the flashing to the contours of the tiles and screw down
  10. Replace the tiles in the roof, placing up the sides of your new window and then attach the sash back onto the frame
  11. Dress your vapour barrier into the internal lining of your window and screw into place. Tape down into the buildings existing vapour barrier to prevent any moisture inside the building reaching the roof’s structure

And that is it, your VELUX window is installed and now you can sit back and enjoy your brighter and healthier living space.