Everything You Need to Know For VELUX Blinds Installation

Posted by Jodie King on 23rd May 2018

Welcome to our VELUX blinds installation crash course!

With the VELUX blackout blinds, you can bring in complete darkness to your room, giving total darkness at any time of the day or night. The VELUX Blinds are available in manual, electric and solar operation as well as manually operated duo blackout blinds.

When it comes to the VELUX blinds installation they are quick and easy to do. The VELUX blinds feature a unique Pick&ClickTM mounting system, meaning they can be fitted in minutes!

Below we have included installation instructions for each type of VELUX blackout blind.

VELUX blackout blind – manually operated (DKL)

The VELUX blackout blind can be installed in a matter of minutes with a simple ‘click-in’ mechanism as shown below.

After this you screw in fittings to the left and right-hand side at the bottom of the window, where you can then after mount the side rails to the left and right-hand side. These will also follow a simple ‘click-in’ mechanism so you know that it is attached correctly.

Once clicked in, you can screw them firmly in to place. After this you need to pull down the circular part of the retaining clip (shown as a red circle in the picture) and pull the string all the way to the bottom of the window where the circle element can be taken off and disposed of and the other part should be clicked into the screw at the bottom of either side of the window.

Once everything has been correctly clicked into place the retaining clip still attached at the top of the window can be removed and disposed of.

VELUX blackout blind – electrically operated (DML)

With the VELUX electric blackout blinds, please note that there are 3 different fittings that it may have (as shown below), so when following installation instructions ensure you are following the correct method for your window. 

Whilst also following a simple Pick&ClickTM mounting system, the VELUX electric blinds are easy to install. Apart from the additional electric component which will be clicked in to place via the outside of the window, the electric blind follows a similar installation to that of the manual operated blind.

VELUX electric blinds installtion instructions are always complicated to find when you don't know where to look. Contact our sales team today to get a electric velux blind installation guide,

VELUX blackout blind – solar operated (DSL) - VELUX solar blinds installation.

With all VELUX blackout blinds, they have made installation simple with their Pick&ClickTM system. Whilst the solar window has some different components, it is still installed in a similar way to the manual blackout blinds.

The first step is getting the top bar ready for installation to enable the solar mechanism to work. As shown below in step 1, the top of the blind frame is easily clicked into the correct position.

Once ready, the frame can be installed in a very similar way to the manual operated blind. The fittings are simply screwed in to either side of the bottom of window, and the top part is clicked into place.

Once installed correctly, you need to connect the remote to the blind to allow the operation of the blind to work. This requires you to hold in the button on the blind for 10 seconds, followed by pressing the reset button on the remote for 1 second, then finally pressing the middle button closely followed by the down button on the remote for a maximum of 3 seconds. This should now let you control your solar blind with the remote.

VELUX duo blackout blinds – manually operated (DFD)

The VELUX duo blackout blind is a blackout blind and pleated blind all in one! This blind allows you to have total blackout at any time of the day and night and gives you the option to just have softly diffused natural light rather than complete darkness.

As with all VELUX blinds, the duo blackout blind is again, easy to install with the Pick&ClickTM mounting system. The blind is clicked in in seconds easily. 

The fittings are screwed in, like the other blinds, at either side of the bottom of window, with the side railings clicked in to place after. Similarly, the strings on the retaining clip need to be pulled down to the bottom of the window where they can be clicked in to bottom fittings. 

The retaining clip can then be disposed of once the blind is correctly fitted in to place.

The VELUX blackout blinds come in a wide range of colours and all come with a 3-year guarantee, so we are sure there will be a blind perfect for you. So why not give your home total darkness, day or night, and give your room the finishing touch with a VELUX blackout blind today.

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If you are still struggling with how to install a VELUX Blackout Blind, you can contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.