Exclusive News, Say Hello To The Hottest Tiles on The Market

Posted by Skye Tunks on 29th July 2020

It is no surprise that choosing the right tiles and flooring for your home takes a lot of consideration. Tiles set the tone, colour, ambience and style to the room, so it is important to get it right.

Here at Yard Direct, we only sell the best. We are excited to announce our new product, Luxury Vinyl Tiles. 

So let’s take a deeper look at our new product. 


YARDLITE Vinyl Tiles

These luxury tiles are designed by a market-leading supplier of flooring products.

Light, dark, wood or stone design, we have you covered. These beautiful tiles will make any room look elegant. In a wide range of colours and designs to suit you. 

These tiles are perfect for the everyday. We combine the elegance of wood and stone floors with all the advantages of modern technology and craftsmanship. Creating the most durable tiles for you!

We are incredibly excited to share these products with you, to give you the home of your dreams.

What do you need to know when picking the perfect tiles for your home?


1. Deciding where to lay your tiles.

This is undoubtedly the most important step by far. Different tiles are suitable for different purposes. Before you choose your perfect tiles, you need to decide where you want them to go and what ambience you want to create.

Create a mood board of your choices and decide which ones you prefer. After all, nobody wants a headache from clashing tile patterns, do they?

Then it’s sample time! Get your tile samples and leave them in your chosen space for a period of time and see if you still love them after a week or two!


2. Choosing the right colour 

The colour of your tiles will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room, but it is completely up to you. Here are our top tips for choosing the colour of your tiles:

  • White tiles can make a room appear bigger, but they are a nightmare to keep clean

  • Dark grey or black coloured tiles will make a statement and they are great for busy homes

  • Cream, beige and natural stone tiles will give your home a calm look

  • Add some glamour by choosing a metallic tile

The most important rule to follow is to make sure that your wall and floor tiles work well together, for a beautiful looking home. 


3. Choosing the right size and scale 

What size tiles you choose, ultimately depends on the impact you want them to have in your room. 

If you want a room to appear more spacious then bigger tiles are better. Small, mosaic styles are ideal if you’re tiling a surface that may not be perfectly straight. Rectangle tiles can help a narrow room feel wider. Square tiles are great in modern homes. 

The basic rule to follow is to put the bigger tiles on the floor and smaller tiles on the wall, or the same size, never the opposite. 


4. Ceramic or porcelain tiles?

The difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles lies within the materials and the firing process. Ceramics are an affordable choice for walls in low moisture areas like living spaces or hallways and porcelain tiles are naturally more durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms.

It comes down to budget and preference. 


5. Patterned or plain tiles? 

Now, this is the fun bit, the part where you can showcase your personality through your home decor. Patterned or plain tiles? Which one are you going to choose?

Patterned tiles make the most impact in isolated areas and they are bold. They are perfect for adding character to any room. 

If you want a minimal look, then plain tiles are the ones for you. Pick tiles with texture or a high gloss finish, to add that extra magic. 

Decorating your home is a fun experience, and every part needs to be perfect. Our high-quality tiles are perfect for any home, get in contact with us today.