FAKRO loft ladder sizes and a guide to them.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 11th January 2023

Looking for a quality and cost-efficient way to access your loft. Look no further. FAKRO loft ladders are the perfect way to achieve this. Firstly, we need you to know exactly what the FAKRO loft ladders are, so you are 100% comfortable with any purchase you make.

FAKRO's Komfort Loft Ladder is a premium quality folding 3-section Loft Ladder made of highest quality pine wood. It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in white both inside and out. The Komfort loft ladder also comes with accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage as standard – stile ends and red painted metal handrail.The red-painted metal handrail is mounted on the ladder’s angle brackets. This makes climbing the ladder easier.The brown stile ends, mounted on the ladder feet, enhance the beauty, protect the floor and increase the ladder’s stability.

Satisfies the requirements of EN 14975.


  • Stile ends.
  • White hatch.
  • Peripheral seal.
  • Non-slip treads protruding from strings.
  • Handrail.
  • Possibility of installing additional accessories.
  • Fully assembled and ready for quick installation in the ceiling.
  • 3-year warranty.

On our website, we only show 55cm x 111cm FAKRO Komfort loft ladders. However, we do have access to each size FAKRO manufacture. 

So here is a guide to the FAKRO loft ladder sizes.

55cm x 111cm x 280cm

60cm x 111cm x 280cm

60cm x 120cm x 280cm

60cm x 130cm x 280cm

60cm x 130cm x 305cm

60cm x 140cm x 305cm

70cm x 111cm x 280cm

70cm x 120cm x 280cm

70cm x 130cm x 280cm

70cm x 130cm x 305cm

70cm x 140cm x 280cm

70cm x 140cm x 305cm

How the measurement are applied to the loft ladder: 

The size of FAKRO loft ladders needed for your home is completely differential for each situation. Before buying your FAKRO loft ladders please double check the size of the opening into your loft, the length from the access point to the floor and check there is enough space for the loft ladder to comfortably close into your loft space.

If you have any more questions regarding FAKRO loft ladders or FAKRO loft ladder sizes. Please contact us on sales@yarddirect.com or call us on 01786 357 252.