How to Install VELUX Awning Blinds – A Guide

28th August 2021

At YARD Direct we have been filling homes with naturally lit spaces for almost ten years. As VELUX specialists we not only allow you to cut out the middleman, but also give you the perfect ‘how to…’ guides when fitting your blinds.

Here, with our step-by-step guide to fitting your VELUX awning blinds, you’ll find it as easy as 1,2,3!

Why Should You Choose VELUX Awning Blinds?

The VELUX awning blind has been designed specifically to prevent strong sunlight and heat from filling your room before it even hits the pane on your roof window.

They are made to the highest quality to endure most weather conditions from a weather-resistant fabric for longer-lasting performance.

You can operate the VELUX awning blind in four different ways;

1.Manual with cord – Operated with a cord, allowing for the blinds to be pulled into the wanted position

2.Manual with hooks – Operated with a control bar easily within reach, the blind is fixed to two outside hooks

3.Electronically operated – The VELUX awning blind can be operated via a handy remote control for those windows slightly more out of reach or for added comfort

4.Solar operated – Operated with remote control with recharge by solar power battery for both out of reach and manual use

When not in use the awning blind can be rolled up out of sight, under its casing.

While extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric will omit the direct sun rays yet still allow visibility outside.

What Are The Benefits of The VELUX Awning Blinds?

Firstly the blinds have an easy PICK & CLICK system to fit. The blind can be positioned anywhere on the window and can even be used when the window is open.

The sunlight blocked by the awning blinds reduces the sun heat in your room by 90%. You can also choose from three colours with three different levels of transparency.

How to Install Your VELUX Awning Blinds

Our simple to follow PDFs are available if you click the link here for setting up and installing the manual blind with hooks. Click here to see more about the fitting of the electronically operated blinds.

YARD Direct offers a 10-year guarantee on all blinds, and our team are on hand to help you with any questions or queries that you may have.