​How to open Keylite Roof Windows.

​How to open Keylite Roof Windows.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 11th March 2024

Keylite is one of the fastest growing roof window manufacturers within the UK. Keylite windows showcase a range of British innovation, from their expanding insulation collar to their pre-installed roof window brackets. Some of the UK’s biggest home building firms have decided Keylite is the way forward, maximizing thermal performance and efficiency. Keylite windows could not be easier to shop, purchase, install, and operate. In this blog we will talk about the Keylite operation and opening.

How to open Keylite Roof Window?

Center-Pivot – Opening your Keylite Roof Window could not be easier. You should be able to identify a handlebar along the top of your roof window. This handlebar operates in three positions. Closed, Venting, and Open. To open your Keylite into venting position, you should pull the handlebar down slightly, until the handlebar is in a slightly open position. At this point the roof windows sash should remain closed, and only the handlebar should be tilted. To open your Keylite, you should pull the bar down again from venting potion, once clicked again, the handle should be fully open, and the windows sash should be moving.

Top-Hung – Opening your top hung Keylite, differs slightly from the centre-pivot model. The top hung skylight window should have two handles, one at the top, and one at the bottom. Top open your top hung Keylite, twist the handle at the bottom and push outwards. This should extend the sash outwards and open your roof window. However, the top handle on Keylite top hung windows is used for ventilation, and cleaning. For ventilation position, pull the top handle down until it clicks once. At this point only the handlebar should be titled, not the windows sash.

How to open your roof window into cleaning mode.

To open your top hung window into cleaning mode, pull down the handle two clicks from closed position, or once from ventilation position. This should allow the roof window to open and spin from the middle. Once the window is open, spin 180 degrees and use the latch at the bottom of the sash to keep the window in this position.

My Keylite Window Is Not Opening?

If you are struggling to open your Keylite. Follow these simple steps.

Checking the handle is engaged – After installation of a roof window, sometimes the builder may not engage the handle correctly. To engage your handle, determine if the handle is loose, for example, if you are able to put two fingers of the handle and apply some pressure, and handlebar feels loose, this usually means it is not engaged. To engage the handle, push the handlebar in an upwards motion, where the window should automatically click into place. Some pressure needs to be forced into this as the headlock is manufactured to be strong and long lasting. However, it should not be a struggle. If you feel like you are applying a lot of pressure, and the handlebar won’t engage. DO NOT force the handlebar even more. Stop what you are doing, and call either ourselves or Keylite to take the correct trouble shooting steps.

For top hung roof windows, there is no need for the handle to be engaged. You just need to make sure the top handle is fully closed; this should then allow the bottom handle on the roof window to open.

If your window is still not opening, please try to find a copy of your windows code, size, or an image of the roof window. Please make sure to check the pitch of your roof before contacting us. Sometimes if your roof pitch is too low the roof windows springs, do not have enough power to keep the roof window open. You can check your roof pitch by going to your smartphone’s measuring app> leveling> hold your phone up to your roof window by its side and take the reading off your mobile phone.

Roof window opening, but slamming shut, or won’t stay in position?

If your roof window is closing itself and not remaining in an open position, there are two reasons this may be occurring. For this issue, it is important not to force anything upon the window as this will be classed as a mechanical feature.

Check your roof pitch: Your roof pitch is vital for the roof windows performance, for standard roof windows. Your roof pitch MUST be above 15 degrees. If your window is below 15 degrees, the roof window is not suitable for this roof and the window will be deemed as incorrectly installed. Using a roof window on a pitch below 15 degrees may result in leaks, opening issues, and limited thermal performance.

Springs: Uncommonly, but not impossible. The springs on your roof windows may not be able to handle the size of the roof window. All roof window springs are designed to hold the roof window up, but on occasion, depending on the size of your roof window, and the roof’s pitch. The window may struggle to remain in the open position. If you have a window on a roof pitch above 15 degrees. It is likely you need to replace the roof windows springs. For larger windows, you may need to replace standard springs with high friction springs, if the pitch is shallow, or to deep.

In all these circumstances, we recommend taking an image of your roof windows code, a video of the issue, and measuring your roof pitch. You can either send this to Keylite or us over email, Keylite or we will try find the fastest possible way to correct your issue.

Keylite blinds not opening, or are stubborn?

At either side of your Keylite blinds, there should be metal frames. These are called runners. Usually when blinds are failing to open or being stubborn. It is caused by a blockage, or obstruction within the side runners. To correct this issue, you should very gently and slowly push your blinds up. Once, you feel the blinds stop, jump, or stick. This is where the obstruction or defection is. You should then carefully, run your finger into that part of the runner. You should then be able to feel what is restricting the blind, remove this obstruction and slowly extract your finger and allow the blind to fall into place.

If there is no obstruction with the runners, and the blind is gathering in the top of the blinds frame. Your blind is experiencing a failed tuck mechanism at the top of the blind. On this occasion, take an image of the code on the blind, an image or video of the issue and contact Keylite straight away.

We understand opening issues can be stressful, and your mind may go straight to the worst possible scenario. It is important in this occasion not to stress, nor try force any of the products as this could result in further damage. Roof windows are very intelligently designed and manufactured, for the best performance. Sometimes, these issues can be very small and inexpensive fixes. So as hard as it sounds, refrain from stressing, stop talking the product and contact us on 01786 357 252, or Keylite Directly.