Looking After Your Windows Through The Winter Months

Posted by phoebe skinner on 5th December 2019

The winter months are fast approaching which can lead to weather conditions affecting our homes, it is important to remember some simple ways you can keep your house maintained. One of the main areas in a house at risk is your windows, both on the inside and the outside. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to look out for this winter. 

Keep Your Windows Clean

It might seem unusual but clean windows and frames are guaranteed to work better at keeping out the cold. This is a simple task but can be hard to keep on top of, you can protect your windows by vacuuming and washing dirt and debris from the frame and seals. Also, make sure you clean your window glass as well, be sure to avoid using cotton cloths and paper towels as they are not lint-free, using these will leave a static charge on the glass which will attract dirt and debris. A simple window squeegee with warm, slightly soapy water will do the job. 

Check For Loose Fixtures and Fittings

It can sometimes be difficult to see loose fixtures and fittings around your windows so it is important that you do check for this regularly. Things to look out for are loose hinges and window handles, if this is noticed straight away then you may simply just need to apply a lubricating solution to the fittings to improve their function. 

Watch Out For Moisture 

As well as checking and cleaning your windows, you also need to watch out for moisture, as when this sets in, it can rot your windows. This is especially important when we have sub-zero temperatures. There are short-term fixes such as using oscillating fans to prevent condensation, but ultimately as long as you have quality windows fitted you should be protected.

Consider Upgrading Your Windows

The colder months are the perfect time to consider window upgrades, especially if your windows are already quite old. If you do not already have double glazed windows this is something you should definitely consider. By upgrading them you will protect your home much better against the colder temperatures, allowing it to feel considerably warmer. 

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