When getting a new Crystal window or door it is important that your measurements are correct to ensure you get the right size of window.

  1. For accurate measurements, you need to measure the opening outside on both the height and width. Do not measure the old frame or door, it has to be the exact brickwork opening.
  2. Measure brick to brick – in at least 3 different places, then deduct 10mm from the final height and width measurements. This will give you a 5mm fitting allowance for the new frame. Please Note: Crystal do not make any fitting allowances on the sizes you provide.
  3. This ensures the new frame will fit square and plumb once fitted in. Spacers will then be required to secure the frame into place.
  4. Always take internal measurements – these should generally be less than the external measurements and lets you determine if the window/door needs any add-on packers so that any opening vents do not ruin the brickwork / render work.

If your Crystal Windows and Doors are not fitted into a brickwork and have external rendering around the reveals, then you need to cut back the render in order for you to establish the frame ends.

Where to measure

Width – When measuring the width, you should be measuring from brick to brick at 3 points – top, middle and bottom of the opening. The smallest of these measurements is taken as the width. Always deduct 10mm from the final width to allow a fitting tolerance.

Height – When measuring the height, you should also be measuring from brick to brick at 3 points – top, middle and right of the opening. The smallest of these measurements is taken as the height. You must also always deduct 10mm from the final height to allow a fitting tolerance.

Crystal Window and Door measure

Extras for your Crystal window or door

Toughened Safety Glass
Where the bottom of the glazing is within 800mm of your internal floor you will require toughened safety glass.

Trick Ventilation
Replacement windows that have existing trickle vents must be replaced with windows that have trickle vents. You can also add trickle vents to your window to add ventilation. Add these in as extras if they are a requirement.

Means of escape (Egress Hinges)
All habitable rooms (not kitchens) within the upper story of a dwelling which has one stairwell must have egress hinges fitted in compliance with building regulations. The exception being that the stairwell is protected. Egress Hinges are fitted to side hung sashes in the window. Add these in as extras if required.

Frame Extender (or add-on)
There are sometimes occasions where you will require the frame to be hidden behind internal plaster lines or external render, which can lose the visible face of the frame. To increase the visibility of the face, you can include frame extenders to the outside of the window frames, these will be included in the overall product size. Add these in as extras if required.


Check out our Crystal Windows & Doors Configurator here and start designing the perfect product for your project. 

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