NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the VELUX STUDIO One Window

Posted by James Fraser on 25th February 2020

VELUX has been providing light to your life for over 75 years now, and just recently they have launched their newest product, the VELUX STUDIO One window, designed to create an impressive panoramic view, allowing there to be more light in your home. 

What is the VELUX STUDIO One Window?

The window has a one-piece top casing designed to present an aesthetic finish and seamless integration into your roof. The slim profile cladding allows it to provide 23% more light than a similar combination solution. Due to the single-frame design, the overall installation time is reduced.

The Benefits of the VELUX STUDIO One Window 

As all windows, there are many benefits to the VELUX STUDIO One window, the main convenience of this type is the STUDIO window has slimmer profiles which allow you to enjoy even more daylight and ventilation. 

  • With VELUX STUDIO One windows, you are getting more value for money as you are essentially getting 3 windows at the same price as a combination of 2 window sizes

  • Enjoy a panoramic view with the width being twice the size of the height

  • Each of the sections has its sash, which provides you with flexibility and control 

  • The STUDIO window comes with a unique module installation system, making it easier to install more windows in one installation 

Do you want to find out more about the latest VELUX product? Get in touch to find out more information or follow the link below to have a look!