Roto & Velux: What are the differences?

25th August 2022

We often get asked what the differences are between a Roto Window and a Velux Window. Whilst both are of very high qualities and are sure to add a good amount of natural sunlight to your home, there are some differences between each brand of window.

Roto Windows -

Roto provides windows and blinds that tick boxes for aesthetics and functionality, whilst providing durability and efficiency to combine comfort of living with spirit, light, technology and design. Roto windows and blinds are designed and engineered with luxury in mind, providing a strong and outstanding shelf life.

If you’re looking for modern solutions for your home, Roto is the perfect choice. Offering windows suitable for your attic, whether you want pivot, top-hung or panoramic windows, you have all the choice with Roto.

Velux Windows -

Velux roof windows are built to last, and for more than 80 years they have helped people transform spaces in their house. These award-winning windows can fit any roof, flat or pitched, old or new and can be accessorised with velux blinds and shutters. You can even add more space to your home with the Velux Cabrio Balcony.

Velux specialise in a wide range of different window types, including pitched roof windows, flat roof windows, roof window systems and velux sun tunnels.

What are the differences?

Both Roto and Velux offer high-quality windows, but are different from each other when it comes to the small details like mechanics, arrangement of handles or mounting options for accessories.

Glazing -

Velux offers the choice of 6 different glazing options from Noise Reduction Glazing (60 Pane) to Triple Glazing (66 Pane). On top of this, Velux roof windows come with a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane for extra security. Roto Windows are available with 2-layer glazing and 3-layer glazing as standard.

Frame -

Velux windows have a slimmer frame in comparison to other window brands, which creates a more glazed area. Roto windows however are made using timber, so are slightly bigger than the slimmer frame of a Velux window.

Operation -

Velux Integra Solar or Electric windows come pre-fitted. Roto Windows are also available in electric and manual, so you have a choice depending on your preference for your home.

Guarantee -

Velux windows come with a 10 year guarantee as standard. However, Roto provides 15 years guarantee with their windows.

Handle -

The handles on the Velux windows are located at the top of the window which is pulled down to open the window. Unlike Velux, Roto positions their handles at the bottom of their windows for easy and quick opening and closing.

Choice -

Velux has a massive range of sizes from 55cm x 70cm to as big as 134cm x 160cm. 6 different glazing options are available to suit any room. Velux has a wider variety of options for a range of different applications. Roto Windows are available in many different styles, including centre-pivot, top-hung and top-third pivot, in two different interior finishes PVC and white painted timber.

If you are looking to upgrade your windows, or you are getting to the decision stage of your home renovation and you don’t know where to start, speak to our helpful experts who can offer you advice on the best windows for your home.